Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Never Question the Spirit- June 23, 2014

Family and Friends!

I can´t believe that the transfer has ended and another has begun! I got transfered to Dom Pedro (really close to the temple and the soccer stadium) and I am with Sister Ojeda (from Peru). We are going to get along just great! There is tons for work to do and lots of people to visit!

This week we had a really interesting experience. We went to visit a Recent Convert who lost their baby on Monday. They left us in their house to run an errand real quick (missionaries always have perfect timing right?) Anyways we were waiting and a very typical Amazon rainstorm hit. The kind where the street turns into a river because of all the water. Well, my companion and I logically would have stayed in the house. Who wants to get wet like that? But the Lord said otherwise. Ever so distinctly we felt that we needed to leave. It was a sense of urgency that I have come to recognize as warnings from Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost. So my comp and I decided to follow the Spirit and brave the storm to go home. We got soaked through with rain water and the roads and sidewalks really had turned into flashing rivers. I never would have thought to leave the safety of that house, but the Lord said go. As soon as we got out of the neighborhood I felt an overwhelming sense of peace that let me know I did the right thing. Call us crazy, but when the Lord tells you something with urgency, it is not the best time to ask why. I still don´t know why we left. We visited the family the next day and everything was normal. Sometimes we will never know why, but as we follow the Spirit we will have the calm assurance that we did the right thing.
At many times in our lives God will tell us to do something or to not do something. He being a perfect and omnipotent Person, is it really our place to ask why? He already knows and is giving us an answer, warning, or guidance. Those moments are not the best time to ask why. God knows so go with what He gives you. Have a little faith and trust in you Heavenly Father that knows perfectly what you personally need for your salvation. He and Jesus Christ are the two people in this universe that will never lie, cheat, steal, decieve, or turn their backs on you. You can trust thier judgement and direction because it will never be wrong!
Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is TRUE!!
Sister Nay

PS- Life is full of tough decisions, but if we include the Lord and use our brains, we will be lead to the places that we need to be with the people that we need to be with.

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