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Miracles and Mustard Seeds- April 28, 2014

Family and Friends!

I dont know if I should say this was the best week ever or the worst week ever:D How is it that we can have the best and worst of times at the same time? Somehow it happens to each of us at some point and this week it happened to me. But the cool thing is I learned that when we have faith, show that faith, and then work like everything depends on us miracles happen. As my companion says everyday, Faith without works is dead!

Kleberson is a 22 year old that has been coming to Church for the past 6 months. His girlfriend is a member and he loves to come. He has heard the missionary lessons from 5 companionships and has been dragging his feet. At this point he has said that he knows the Church is true and he knows that he needs to get baptized, but he doesnt have the will to be baptized. He agreed to be interviewed for baptism and he has recieved many answers to know the truthfulness of the Gospel. But the day of his baptism came and he backed out, he didnt want to. God gave us agency and we know how important it is for people to choose thier own path and not force things upon them. We were deeply saddened.
But he said that he will still come to church every week.

Suzana is an amazing young woman who has an incredible faith in Jesus Christ. She has wanted to be baptized for over a month now, but her mom wouldnt give her authorization. This past week we had the opportunity to talk to her very busy and business like mom (she is kinda intense). We explained a little bit about our Church and baptism. She replied that she thought Suzana is too young to be baptized. She knows that the Church is good for her daughter and she is totally cool with us coming over and teaching her. She said that she didnt want her daughter to make such an important decision only to change her mind later. Which is understandable and we respect that. We challenged Suzana to bear her testimony of the Gospel with her mom after we left. 
Sunday night came and we recieved a phone call from Suzana all in a tizy. She had borne her testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and her mother gave her consent. 

It is said that faith is like a mustard seed, that if we have even the smallest particle of faith miracles can happen. After seeing Suzanas mother on Friday night I felt very strongly to fast for her and Suzana that the right things would happen so that Suzana could get baptized. That Suzana would have the courage to bear her testimony and that her mom would feel the Spirit and that her heart would be touched. So Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon I fasted that everything would fall into place and a miracle would happen. I like to think that my tiny act of faith helped a little. That God answered my prayers and fast and touch the heart of Suzanas mom and gave Suzana the courage she needed to open her mouth. 

The fist video I would like to share with you all is about how faith and prayer can bring miracles into our lives.

The second video reminds me of Suzana and the courage she had to bear her testimony just like Ester.

I have been thinking a lot about change lately as well. I am doing much better, Sister Marinho is a great companion for me. I really have learned how much communication means to me. I have come to realize on the mission a few things:
1. I express love for others through physical interaction (hugs, brushing hair)
2. I receive love by people talking to me and communicating with me. It drives me crazy when my comps don't talk. I really have come to appreciate good communication.
3. I really think that music therapy is something that I will seriously consider after BYU. I was having such a rough week so I called President Klien and asked for permission to listen to Rob Gardner and listen to music on days other than p-days. His response in a nut shell was do what ever you need to to be happy. So I have permission to listen to Rob Gardner before studies and after nightly planning if I need to. I just cant tell the whole world. 
4. I am apparently crazy obedient and methodic in the way that I function. I like things to be done a certain way and through being obedient.
Love you all! 
Remember the Lord loves you! And with faith like a mustard seed miracles can happen!

Sister Nay
Albino bunny at a members house
I fell and scraped my knees
You can also see some crazy tan lines on my feet! :D
More pics of my scraped knees.

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