Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 3- MTC Email (7-9-2013)

Bom dia familia! Tudo bem?
Eu estou muito bem! So I have so much to tell you and I don't know where to start...
Language is going great. Last tuesday we didn't really speak it though because it was p-day and we lived to regret that the next morning when we had to teach a lesson to our investigator Nathalia. We made it a goal to speak it more today (about 3 hours) than we did last week. Speaking of Nathalia, we have taught her twice this past week. If you didn't know our teachers pretend to be an investigator and we talk to them. They usually assume the identity of an investigator that they had themselves out in the feild. Starting later this week we will also have the opportunity to teach investigators at the TRC who we do not know. We will ususally only teach them one lesson to each investigator from the TRC. We were supposed to start that last week, but the 4th of July got in the way. We haven't had a "normal" week here at the MTC yet. The first week was that broadcast that was so great. Then we had the new mission presidents. Last week was the 4th of July. I wonder what will come up this week that will mess up the schedule? :)
Yesterday we had such an awesome lesson with Nathalia. I felt the Spirit so strongly when we were testifying to her. She had really good questions about the preisthood and we ended up commiting her to baptism! I have never felt the Spirit quite like that before and technically I was just teaching my teacher. I always assume and act like she is Nathalia in the lesson, but you know... If commiting people to baptism feels that joyous all the time, I hope I can do it again. I felt so excited for her and that she wanted to come closer to God through baptism! I felt so happy for her like I have never felt for anyone else, it was so cool!
We have only taught our second progressing investigator once. His name is Gabriel. He is a university student studying history. We spent most of our time getting to know him and then we left a short message with him. I feel like he will be really receptive too. I am so excited to share this gospel messsage with more people! It bring so much joy and happiness.
The 4th of July was great. I was suprised that the cafeteria was super anti-patriotic. No red white and blue food. No hotdogs or hamburgers. Nothing, I guess they were trying not to be too abnoxious for those who are not from this country. We did have a fireside though that we so great. In fact, in that fireside Mom, the speaker shared Alma 26:27 and I really liked it. We then watched 17 Miracles while the Stadium of Fire was going on. Then at like 10:30 we got to go outside and watch the fireworks until 11. It was really cool cause everyone started singing patriotic songs. I really enjoyed it. Plus they gave us all Magnum bars to eat which was really yummy.
You know how Bethany had a moose count? Well, right now I have a people count. I saw Kap from the school of music last week, he is a teacher. I saw Brittany Tire who plays the sax, she is going to Pennsylvania. I ran into Lindsay Howard from RB custodial and found out she is going to Oklahoma City. I ran into Ryan Hill and Will Ramsey from Chatham. And I ran into Brother Wight from the football stadium. He is an old guy who volunteered as an usher for the upstairs stuff. He reminds me of Mr. Fredrickson from Up:) Oh yeah and Brother Paul Gallo asked me and my comps to take pics for him and his district that he taught as they were flying today. They just walked up to us while we were studying outside.
So Sister Wright and I had a little bit of trouble last week, but it is all sorted out now. We weren't communicating really well and both of us were taking offense at everything. We talked it out and prayed and stuff and it is going better now. I pondered a lot on our problems and I came to the conclusion that she reminds me greatly of Merrilee and I was subconsiously blocking her out. I guess I was trying not to replace Merrilee. But I know now that Sister Wright can be another good friend not take the place of Merrilee.
Sunday was super awesome. We had mission conference which was great and super fun. The mission presidency spoke to us about all kinds of things. I will write more indepth about that in my letter. Then it was testimony meeting which was awesome because everyone bore their testimony in portugues. The wiggly district of only elders got up and bore their testimonies so not very many other people get to. But it was still cool. We had an evening devotional that Susan Easton Black and her new husband spoke at. It was about being bold and having a testimony so you can testify. It was super great and really uplifting. Plus the two of them are so funny! My comps and I also watch a devotional by David A. Bednar called Character of Christ. I loved it so much! It was given at the MTC so the only place you can see it is here. Man it was so great!! More in the letter.
I hope all is going well at home and that you are all having fun. Continue to send letters and be awesome! You guys are such a great support to me and I love you so much! I love hearing about Andrew's swimming and your gardens and stuff. Utah has such wonderful weather in the summer we barely are breaking 100 sometimes, mostly in the 90s.
The Lord loves you all and the Church is TRUE!!
Sister Brianna Nay

Week 2 MTC Email

I can't believe that I have been here so long! I love hearing from you guys. I loved hearing about all your experiences at the temple and Andrew's camp. I have been having a great time here and learning so much. I also have run into so many people that I know, it is crazy. Also, I can't believe how young some of the people who are here are, like 18 year olds and 19 year olds. Sister Wright is 19, she has never left home without family, she was home schooled and the like so she is having a really hard time. It is definately harder for missionaries who have never left home.  Sister Hopkins is handling life at the MTC way better even though she never has been away from home either, she is very much more mild mannered. Being in a trio takes a lot more work than I thought especially when we are trying to plan for investigators. Having 3 sets of ideas instead of 2 takes a lot of patience and selflessness. We have had to do a couple of inventories a week to keep things going well.

Sister Hopkins original companion, Sister Cebello, has been reassigned to the Nashville, TN mission until she gets her visa! She is so awesome. She is fluent in Spanish and already some Portuges so she was sent to a 12 day program at the MTC and is now off to the field.

We don't get to go the temple anymore, but we might get a cleaning assignment to help clean it though. We went on a temple walk on Sunday afternoon and another one this morning! I am sad we don't get to go anymore, but we do get to sleep til 6:30 now on P-days. Most days I have to get up at 5:45 so I can get ready because we have breakfast at 6:30, lunch is at 11, and dinner is at 4.

I have run into a previous co-worker Lexi from the RB, Hilary from my ward, Chris Story, and Elder Justin Park this past week. If you can believe it one of the elders in my district knows more people than me. I know more teachers and he knows more missionaries, its weird!
Sunday is the best here. We get to listen to music and the spoken word for RS and then we get guest speakers the whole MTC goes to that. Sister Sheri Dew spoke to us and of course it was amazing! She spoke about recognizing the spirit and listening to His promptings it was really great. Sacrament meeting was all in portugues but I understood most of it. WE all have to be prepared every week to give a short talk in portugues, because they call us from the stand. Luckily I didn't have too.. There is an evening devo that we all go to as well and it was super great. Afterwards they show lds movies and conference talks. They had legacy in portugues and I got the just of it!

We are going to have a special 4th of July devo and then we get to watch the stadium of fire fireworks! Don't really know what is going to happen. I am so excited.

Eu se que Jesus Cristo e meu Salvador! Eu se que o Livro de Mormon e verdadiero.
Te amo!!
Sister Nay

Week 1- Provo MTC email

Hey family!
Today is our first p-day. We just got back from the temple this morning. It was a session mostly comprised of my branch. We only have 30 min to write but we can print our stuff out, sign out, read what was sent to us, then sign back in with the remaining time and answer! I would love to get emails from you guys every tuesday and tell other people that I love hearing from back home! Also I love getting letters from you guys as much as possible! Dad I loved your note from a few days ago about the brother who wants to come back to church! That is so cool!! I would love to hear from him if he wants to write me.

Wow the days here last forever but I cant believe that I have been here almost an entire week. I have been having  a great time and learning so much! My companions, Sisters Wright and Hopkins are so great an encouraging. Sister Hopkins original companion already spoke portuges so we are a trio because she is on a 12 day program instead.Right now I am doing laundry with my comps. Right now the new mission presidents are being trained right now so we get to eat in the gym instead of the cafeteria until Thursday.

We have already taught 3 lessons in portuges and we have 2 more tomorrow. I can say prayers and my testimony in portuges as well. We are so blessed and Heavenly Father truly is with us as we learn the language. Of course everything I can say is pretty simple, but the fact that I can understand as much as I can and say as much as I can after 6 days is absolutely amazing! I am so excited to get to go to Brazil and I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to be at the Provo MTC.

I have learned that the visas coming out of the LA consulate are taking around 6 months or more whereas the ones coming out of Miami are only about 2 or 3 months. I have a feeling that I will be reassigned. They put missionaries at the bottom of the pile because we don't bring in as much money as people who are coming to the world cup and such. Also the portugese speaking reassignment missions are already full so I will probably get reassigned english speaking! I know that the Lord will send me where I need to go and the right time!!

I have also learned that Manaus is a pretty small mission in regards to how many missionaries are assigned there because, like Alaska, huge square miles small amount of people. There is one transfer there that takes 1.5 days to accomplish. Also I have learned that in Manaus missionaries not only have farmer's tan lines but also garment lines and tie lines because the sun penetrates your first layer of clothing! So crazy right!! We will have lunch fed to us instead of dinner and we will eat lots of fruit. Most of the time the responses that I get from people is that Manaus is soo hot, like the hottest mission in Brazil!

My teachers are great and so helpful. The "investigator that we have speaks really fast but each time we see him I understand more. My comps are going Juao Pessoa and their mission president is here getting trained, so we got to meet him. He doesnt speak english so when we met him it was pretty overwhelming. The elders in my district are supper awesome too!

Andrew, I am so happy for your success in swimming and that you are giving Colton a BoM! I have seen Elder Gay a couple of times and he says hi!

Thanks for all the letters and please keep sending them. I love to hear from you guys and thanks for setting up that blog. I will write more in a letter cause my time is up!

Lots of love!!!
Sister Nay

Friday, July 12, 2013

First Letters (6/19/2013)

Dear Bethany and Ken,

I survived!  I am in a threesome.  Sister Wright from Arkansas and Sister Hopkins from Florida.  They  are both going to the same mission Jao Pessoa.  Almost immediately after I got inside I ran into Shelly which was great because I felt like I knew someone! Then I met my teachers.  What what?  Cameron Gabriel from Chatham Towne is my teacher and Sister Peterson.  So I immediately was with people that I knew and it felt like such a blessing!  They of course immediately started speaking to us in Portuguese.  But I was okay.  I need to study a lot though.

When we got to the teaching experience Sister Wright needed a drink right as it was starting.  We went out into the hallway and ran into Sister Barreiros from Florida!  Anyways she randomly dropped by the MTC today to pick a disc up for President Barreiros.  It was so cool!  I feel like Heavenly Father really is watching out for me!  Also I ran into Josh Gay and Briana from Chatham.  So today has been pretty great!

Brianna M. Nay

Dear Mom and Dad,

          This will have to be short, but I wanted to let you know that I survived day one!  My companions are Sister Wright and Sisters Hopkins, they are from Arkansas and Florida respectively.  They are nice girls and I think we will get along.  I am about a year older than both.  They are both going to the Jao Pessoa Mission in Brazil.  I am the only one in my district that is going to Manuas.  I ran into Shelly Faber right after I got here which was great.  I also saw Josh Gay and said hi for Andrew.  His class is like 3 doors down from mine! Also the other Briana from my ward is here and I saw her, which was way cool.  Do you remember me telling you that Cameron Gabriel from my ward was a Brazil teacher here?  Guess what!?! He is my teacher.  I feel pretty at home, like natural with all the people I know!  I feel it is such a blessing after what a hard time I had this morning.  You will never guess who I ran into!  Sister Barreiros! At first she was kind of confused about who I was, but she eventually remembered you guys.  She took a pic on her phone.  You might look for her on facebook for me.  She actually wasn't planning to be here tonight, but President Barreiros needed a disc for something, but he was in Florida at James’ Eagle boards.  Right then when I saw her I felt like a bit of a mother figure stepped into my life! Remember me telling you I needed a mom hug? She gave me one.  Soo thank her via facebook cause she totally made today so much easier! I really needed her and only Heavenly Father knew it.  His hand is in everything if we look for it.


Sister Brianna Nay

P.S. We aren’t called irmana because that’s what they call the nuns down there, so we are Sister.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saying Goodbye- 6/19/2013

On June 19, 2013 Sister Brianna Nay said goodbye to her family in Arizona and Utah as she began her service as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   Missionaries leave their families for a short time so that they can teach other families how to be together forever!

Leaving Tucson, Arizona

Sister Nay and 14 year old brother Andrew
Checking in with Dad
Perfect weight... 44 Pounds!
Dad, Andrew and Sister Nay
Mom, Sister Nay and Andrew

Dad, Sister Nay and Mom
Final Goodbye with Dad
The hardest goodbye, Andrew
Headed to Utah
 Time in Provo, Utah

Salt Lake City, UT Airport with Lei from Brother-in-law Ken
Final request... Krispy Kreams!
Roommates at Zupas... final goodbyes for these three future missionaries!

Brother-in-law Ken, sister Bethany and Sister Nay

Roomies, Adop-lets and Missionaries!

The Final Goodbyes

Hard time saying goodbye over the phone to family in AZ

So nervous!

Drive to the MTC in Provo Utah
At the MTC drop off

Drop off location... number 17

Sister Nay with escort and an Elder to help with her bag

Getting Comfortable at the MTC with escort Sister

The final goodbye... with Bethany and Sister Nay