Friday, July 12, 2013

First Letters (6/19/2013)

Dear Bethany and Ken,

I survived!  I am in a threesome.  Sister Wright from Arkansas and Sister Hopkins from Florida.  They  are both going to the same mission Jao Pessoa.  Almost immediately after I got inside I ran into Shelly which was great because I felt like I knew someone! Then I met my teachers.  What what?  Cameron Gabriel from Chatham Towne is my teacher and Sister Peterson.  So I immediately was with people that I knew and it felt like such a blessing!  They of course immediately started speaking to us in Portuguese.  But I was okay.  I need to study a lot though.

When we got to the teaching experience Sister Wright needed a drink right as it was starting.  We went out into the hallway and ran into Sister Barreiros from Florida!  Anyways she randomly dropped by the MTC today to pick a disc up for President Barreiros.  It was so cool!  I feel like Heavenly Father really is watching out for me!  Also I ran into Josh Gay and Briana from Chatham.  So today has been pretty great!

Brianna M. Nay

Dear Mom and Dad,

          This will have to be short, but I wanted to let you know that I survived day one!  My companions are Sister Wright and Sisters Hopkins, they are from Arkansas and Florida respectively.  They are nice girls and I think we will get along.  I am about a year older than both.  They are both going to the Jao Pessoa Mission in Brazil.  I am the only one in my district that is going to Manuas.  I ran into Shelly Faber right after I got here which was great.  I also saw Josh Gay and said hi for Andrew.  His class is like 3 doors down from mine! Also the other Briana from my ward is here and I saw her, which was way cool.  Do you remember me telling you that Cameron Gabriel from my ward was a Brazil teacher here?  Guess what!?! He is my teacher.  I feel pretty at home, like natural with all the people I know!  I feel it is such a blessing after what a hard time I had this morning.  You will never guess who I ran into!  Sister Barreiros! At first she was kind of confused about who I was, but she eventually remembered you guys.  She took a pic on her phone.  You might look for her on facebook for me.  She actually wasn't planning to be here tonight, but President Barreiros needed a disc for something, but he was in Florida at James’ Eagle boards.  Right then when I saw her I felt like a bit of a mother figure stepped into my life! Remember me telling you I needed a mom hug? She gave me one.  Soo thank her via facebook cause she totally made today so much easier! I really needed her and only Heavenly Father knew it.  His hand is in everything if we look for it.


Sister Brianna Nay

P.S. We aren’t called irmana because that’s what they call the nuns down there, so we are Sister.

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