Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reassignment (7-26-2013)

Family, the time has come! I have received my reassignment!! It goes as follows....

Sister Nay:

At this time, we have not received your visa to travel to your mission. You will be serving a temporary assignment in the Pennsylvania Pittsburg Mission until your visa arrives.

I am leaving the Provo MTC on Sunday (July 28) evening at 8:30pm. I fly from SLC to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Pittsburgh. I will be leaving at 1:05am, my layover is at 6:35am to 7:26am. I will be able to call you for those amounts of times before I fly!!

Love you!!!
Sister Nay

Week 5 MTC Email (7-23-2013)

Oi Family!
I cant believe that this is my last week! I am amazed by how fast the time flies around here. I have lots to say so hopefully I have enough time to get it all in, if not I will finish in a letter.

First hosting was amazing! I really enjoyed being able to help the new Sisters feel welcomed and comfortable. My host was so awesome so I am glad that I got to return the act! I got to host 4 new sisters plus I get to host again this Wednesday! There were about 800 new missionaries last week which means we were hosting about 100 missionaries every 15 minutes! The work is definitely moving forth!!
So we got to Skype for TRC last week! It was really cool. The original plan was for us to skype with Brazilians in Brazil, but in true South American fashion, most of them bailed so we spoke with returned missionaries instead. It was still a great experience. Can you believe that out of the six weeks I am here I only got to go to TRC twice? We have in-field training this week so no more TRC :(
Our investigators are doing really well. For a while we didn't really think Gabriel was grasping what we were saying spiritually. Then one of our lessons we just read Alma 32 with him about faith, and everything changed! He really has started progressing and he is super awesome, we only get to teach him one more time before we leave:( Nathalia is super awesome and really progressing. She has been kicked out of her house. She was living with her ex-boyfriend's sister. So we were able to find some members for her to live with. (Sister Huntington graciously played the part).  I love both Nathalia and Gabriel so much, I am sad that I will have to leave them. I am not looking forward to transfers in the field because if I get this attached to investigators played by my teachers then I have no idea what I will do with real ones!
I found a new music outlet in a really weird way. So we have this verb card that has all of the irregulars on it and in all the different tenses. What I have been doing is taking a tense and writing each verb over and over again and then adding the next verb. It really feels like practicing. I have don't present, preterit, and imperfect so far, today I think I will work on future! It feels so great!!!
 So the other night I forgot to turn on my alarm. I am like the mommy of the room because the other sisters don't have alarms and I have to wake them up. Plus they all forget their name tags and entrance cards all the time. I have to remind them to bring things frequently. But, I forgot to turn on my alarm one night which was not good. But the next morning I just woke up right before 6 and was able to wake up everyone else! I know Heavenly Father was making sure that we would be able to get to our allotted places on time and he was helping us follow the rules!
So on Saturday we spent 2 hours talking to Sister Peterson about her experiences in Brazil. She  told us so much, some in Portuguese and some in English, that I cant say it all. But one thing that I thought was cool is that cashews, the nut, grow on a fruit in Brazil! There is one nut hanging off of each fruit. Sister Peterson said to try the fruit just to say you did, but that it is not the best. Oh yeah and Tucanos is nothing like real Brazilian food, Brazil is soo much better, haha! And they pretty much always serve missionaries soda, FANTA is their favorite. YAY!!!
We had an awesome experince with Sister Peterson. She was showing us how to teach. She was the missionary and all  of us were investigators. It was super loud and rambunctious (on purpose) when she entered the room and slowly she brought the Spirit in and stuff. Then she recited the First Vision, and I was moved to tears. The power of the First Vision for anyone investigating the gospel is amazing. It was such a beautiful experience. Plus it helps that it is absolutely gorgeous in Portuguese. I have had it memorized since the 2nd week. I truly have a testimony of the Joseph Smith and the validity of his experience!

I got to pray in Sacrament meeting on Sunday! It was a little nerve wracking, but we are the oldest district now, so it was my turn. I really liked it.
I also got to watch mucsic and the spoken word again on Sunday, You guys should really start watching it,it is amazing. Both Corrine and Sara were in the horn section. Of course it was pioneer themed so it was awesome. They had guest artists Nathan Pacheco and Lindsay Stirling. Both were amazing!
The people I have seen this week at the MTC are Jordon Sparks from my ward (he works at the front desk) Travis Killian from the horn section, and Bryce Dawson from the horn section. Crazy that I see new people that I know all the time. Did I tell you Billy Loveless works here too? He is in the mail room. And I saw Jimmy at one ofthe Devotionals in the Marriott center. He is a tech guy there.
I love reading the BOM, or OLdM, in Portuguese. Because I am focused so much on the language and understanding , it feels like I am reading it for the first time! It is so amazing!!
Remember how I told you about the protestors on Sunday outside the temple last week? Well there were more this week. Man I can tell that we are doing something good, because Satan is pretty scared!! You know I feel bad for him sometimes, because he is so bitter... oh well he made his choice.
I have been reading the old testament for about 20 min everyday and it is amazing! I would really encourage it because it makes the Book of Mormon that much more cool when you understand their heritage!!

Love you!!
Sister Nay

Week 4- MTC Email (7-16-2013)

Eu estou a missionario por A Igreja De Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Dos Ultimos Dias. I can't get the keyboard to change to portuges so there aren't any accents, sorry.
My purpose is
Convidar as pessoas a achegarem-se a Cristo, ajudadndo-as a receber o evangelho restaurado por meio da fe em Jesus Cristo e em Sua Expiacao, do arrependimento, do batismo, de se receber o dom do Espirito Santo e de perseverar ate o fim.

I loved the TRC! It was really hard because they all spoke really fast and slurred their words together. But as a companionship we made it through and were able to teach what the people needed to hear. We are so good. After that one really bad couple of days we have become super close and I love them so much. We have tried so hard to listen to eachother and respect one another. We have so much fun together, I will miss them.

Guess what? I will be a host this week for incoming missionaries!! I am so excited! I only had one 'normal' week here at the MTC, last week. This week we host and then we will be doing in-field training and getting reassignments next week.

I loved Sunday as always and my comps are so awesome. I continue to learn so much every day and am so excited to get into the field.

I should be able to notify you when I get reassinged. Josh should be getting his reassignment soon, on Thursday or Friday... Almost all of them are from back east in Georgia Pennsylvania and Florida, they have a higher chance of getting it within the next week. A member of the Brazilan gov't just visted BYU and they said that he was super impressed and made some calls to advance the proccess fro missionaries. LA is super busy as a consul so I have a long way to go plus I turned my application in late. The people who have been getting theirs are from Georgia and other places back east. I could go everywhere from Idaho to Boston to New York. Anything is game. All of the portuges missions are full because so many of us are getting reassigned, but whatever happens, happens! My sister training leaders got reassigned to idaho and pennsylvania, so whatever

Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is always true!

Sister Nay