Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Never Question the Spirit- June 23, 2014

Family and Friends!

I can´t believe that the transfer has ended and another has begun! I got transfered to Dom Pedro (really close to the temple and the soccer stadium) and I am with Sister Ojeda (from Peru). We are going to get along just great! There is tons for work to do and lots of people to visit!

This week we had a really interesting experience. We went to visit a Recent Convert who lost their baby on Monday. They left us in their house to run an errand real quick (missionaries always have perfect timing right?) Anyways we were waiting and a very typical Amazon rainstorm hit. The kind where the street turns into a river because of all the water. Well, my companion and I logically would have stayed in the house. Who wants to get wet like that? But the Lord said otherwise. Ever so distinctly we felt that we needed to leave. It was a sense of urgency that I have come to recognize as warnings from Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost. So my comp and I decided to follow the Spirit and brave the storm to go home. We got soaked through with rain water and the roads and sidewalks really had turned into flashing rivers. I never would have thought to leave the safety of that house, but the Lord said go. As soon as we got out of the neighborhood I felt an overwhelming sense of peace that let me know I did the right thing. Call us crazy, but when the Lord tells you something with urgency, it is not the best time to ask why. I still don´t know why we left. We visited the family the next day and everything was normal. Sometimes we will never know why, but as we follow the Spirit we will have the calm assurance that we did the right thing.
At many times in our lives God will tell us to do something or to not do something. He being a perfect and omnipotent Person, is it really our place to ask why? He already knows and is giving us an answer, warning, or guidance. Those moments are not the best time to ask why. God knows so go with what He gives you. Have a little faith and trust in you Heavenly Father that knows perfectly what you personally need for your salvation. He and Jesus Christ are the two people in this universe that will never lie, cheat, steal, decieve, or turn their backs on you. You can trust thier judgement and direction because it will never be wrong!
Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is TRUE!!
Sister Nay

PS- Life is full of tough decisions, but if we include the Lord and use our brains, we will be lead to the places that we need to be with the people that we need to be with.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Extra Pictures- June 16, 2014

Harry Potter is Serving a Mission?- June 16, 2014

Family and Friends!

This past week has been amazing and exciting! The World Cup has started and I have never seen so many drunks in my life! We had 2 very special baptisms this week! And as always I learned a few things or two while thinking and singing while I walked. 

The World Cup is a sight to see folks. I have never seen people so into a game like Brazilians are into soccer. The whole world stops when Brazil plays and when other teams are playing the world is on pause. Seriously the World Cup is a family event that lasts over a month! Plus anyone who is not a member spends all day drinking and all night partying! You would not believe the noise. Fireworks every goal that Brazil makes. Yelling, jumping, yelling, yelling. Did i mention yelling?

We had two very special baptisms this week, Kleberson and Darlyson. Kleberson is the boyfriend of a member and has been coming to church every week for 9 months. He has had a testimony of the Gospel of a long time now and had a desire to get baptized but was afraid that once he got baptized he would fall backwards. He lacked confidence in himself and so he dragged his feet. But we had a really good lesson with him last week and he finally decided to get baptized. The smile on his face is a priceless memory that will stay fixed in my mind forever. Darlyson is a 16 year old that has incredible faith. It was as though we weren´t teaching him at all. He was so prepared and so strong! His family didn´t really support him but he stood up for what he believes in and got baptized. He is a great kid. Both will be amazing missionaries in the years to come. They both talked about serving missions after they got baptized!

Okay so why did I put Harry Potter in the title of this weeks email? One night as I was glorying in the wonderful wind of the fan after a day of much walking in the very hot sun, I began to think. I will try to explain the thought process I had and hopefully you all will understand at least a little but of what I am trying to say. 

I was thinking about how so often we as imperfect human beings we get so caught up in how awful or amazing our past was we don´t want to set it down and pick up our present or our future but we want to dwell on what was. Then I thought how dumb that was and I compared it to reading a book series. Let´s just take Harry Potter for example, a very well loved book series. How silly would it be if we were so enthused with the first book that we never bothered to pick up 2,3,4,5,6, or 7? How much adventure are we missing in Harry Potter´s life because we got stuck in his 1st book? It is the same thing in our lives, how much are we missing because we are stuck in our past good or bad? How much are we will to miss because our first book was so awesome we don´t bother looking at the next book? Are we really willing to give up a lifetime of adventures because we had one really good or bad adventure in the beginning? Am I really going to choose to miss tomorrow´s double rainbow because yesterday´s single rainbow was really pretty? At the end of each weekly email from Presidnet Klien he writes vamos na frente or let´s move on! Yes our past was awesome or terrible. Yes at times we want to go back and relive those moments or go back and change something, but at what cost? Missing something even better today! So today I leave with you all the challenge vamos na frente, let´s move on because tomorrow will definately be a better day! Don´t miss some of life´s greatest adventures because your life was different yesterday, last week, last month, or last year. TODAY is the good day to start a new adventure, turn a new leaf, start a new book. New beginnings need not only be on January 1st, we always wake up with a new day with no mistakes in it yet!

So Harry Potter taught me a little bit about always anxiously moving forward, excited for a new adventure and not getting caught up in what was! So this week Harry Potter was serving a mission with Sister Nay!

Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is SO TRUE!!

Sister Nay
Denys and Natalia got married and Denys was baptized last week!


The font was clogged and we needed to fill the font with new water. Because the water was a week old. So we emptied with buckets and garbage cans in an hour :D

Naoni Fruit

Amazon Theater


Everything is Connected to the Atonement- June 9, 2014

Family and Friends!

I hope you all know that I love you! I also hope you all know what it feels like to be happy. To be happy because you choose to be happy. Your world could be crashing, people could be talking about you behind your back, things could be going everything but your way, but you still have the choice to be happy! So in this moment I want all of you to choose to be happy no matter what happened yesterday, this morning, or last week. Starting right now, you can choose to be happy and you will be! Sing a song, laugh, tell someone you love them, serve a stranger! Today is a great day to be you! Today is a great day to be full of joy! Today is a gift, that is why they call it the present!

Today I want to share something amazing and so simple! 

Everything in your life, everything about the Gospel, and everything about your future is tied to the Atonement or sacrifice of Jesus Christ! You can have everlasting joy because Jesus Christ came to this earth for YOU! He suffered, died, AND was resurrected so that YOU can be happy, so that YOU can have joy! You can be freed from sin, mistakes, and guilt. You can hand your trials, weaknesses, and difficulties to Him. You will live again after death because of Jesus Christ!
The atonement of Jesus Christ give purpose and significance to your life! You exist becasue Jesus Christ choose to come to this earth for you! Isn´t it wonderful that we have a loving Savior that would do so much for us!
We have everything to rejoice about because Jesus Christ lives!!!

Don´t dwell on your past and where you have been, Jesus Christ gave you today and gives you the future!

Don´t think poorly of another, because Jesus Christ loves everyone and forgives everyone!

Don´t doubt your worth because someone else has different talents and abilities. That another person is more recognized, because Jesus Christ loves you for who you are!

Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is True!

Sister Nay

A Wedding and A Baptism- June 2, 2014


Seeing as you are all so eager to hear more about the wedding last week I will indulge.
It was a stressful week trying to organize a wedding and get all the proper clothing and stuff. But I finally got to see member´s of the ward helping one another and we were able to find a dress, shoes, a suit, shoes, a tie, cake, cupcakes, and a salty cake thing. Each was from a different member. It was truly a miracle. I played the piano for the wedding. Miraculously I was able to remember Pachabelle´s Cannon in D well enough that i could play it. The Holy Ghost truly brings things to our rememberance when we need them. I haven´t played that in years, but I did last week. I improved a little but I remembered the melody and the left hand! Truly a miracle of God.
The baptism was quick and powerful. I bore my testimony and I could feel the Spirit so strong that God was so proud of Lusivaldo. 
Sister Nay

To Be A Pioneer- June 2, 2014

Family and Friends!

This week I can´t help but use two primary children´s songs about the pioneers. (Yes I know we have more than a month until pioneer day.) 
This week has been full of blessings and excitement and may I say more than a little bit of walking.
There are a lot of people here in Petrópolis that are changing my life each day as I get to know them better. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be here. These faithful people here in Brazil are often spiritual pioneers in their families. Sometimes I feel like I pioneer because of the amount of walking that I do, especially this week.
Being a pioneer doesn´t mean you have to be the first memeber in your family nor does it mean that you have to walk across the plains in extreme weather conditions. Being a pioneer has more to do with the faith that you hold in your heart. Do you have the courage to give up everything (poularity, fame, fortune) for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the will of God. Do you have the faith that through even the hardest of trials everything will all be worth it? 
The lessons that we learn from our pioneer predececors is more that walking and giving up worldly goods. It has everything to do with their legacy of unwavering faith and courage in the face of immeasurable trials. We all can make the choice to be a modern day pioneer. A person that will stand up for what is right even when you are seemingly alone is a pioneer. A person that looks at a seemingly inconquerable trial and says `the Lord is at my side´ is a modern day pioneer. 

As I have thought about our pioneer predececors and the example and legacy they left us. I initially thought about how much I was walking. I did the math and thought wow, here in Brazil I will walk just about as much as the pioneers that crossed the plains. But as I have pondered their legacy (as I have been walking) I think what they would truly want for me to learn is from their faith and courage. Do I have the courage to be obedient, steadfast, and faithful to all my covenants, the commandments, and even the mission rules? Do I have the faith that even though trials have, are, and will come my way that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father will provide a way not only to get through them but conquer them? In my heart I have found the answer... YES! I will take courage to stand. I will hold on to my faith and trust in God. And one day, if I continue in courage and faith, I will arrive in Zion just like the pioneers.
You don´t have to push a hand cart,
Leave your family dear,
Or walk a thousand miles or more
To be a Pioneer

You do have to have great courage
Faith to conquer fear
And work with might for a cause that´s right 
To be a pioneer

This week was full with a little bit more walking than normal, but it is all great fun! We worked a lot in a part of our area far away from our house this week. We have 3 investigators out there and we picked up some new ones too! I remember walking back and thinking about how much I wanted to sit down. We were walking down a dirt road and it seemed like it would never end. But that walk was totally worth it because the faith of God´s children and my faith were strengthened that day.
Then the next night our investigator Cristiano was going to have an interview. When he didn´t show up at the set time. Sister Marinho and I walked all the way to his house which is about 20 minutes from the church and then walked around his entire neighborhood trying to find him. But we didn´t. But I learned that it is one thing to help investigators by teaching them and another to walk and walk and walk trying to find them. 
Sunday morning we agreed to help an investigator find the church because they just moved to Manaus. After 30 minutes of walking in the opposite direction of the church building to find them, they said that they could´t make it that day. So we then walked 50 minutes to the church building. During this entire time our neighbors dog was following us. Seeing as there are lots of street dogs here, one pack of dogs wouldn´t let him pass their street. When we arrived home last night he still hadn´t returned home. We then spent 2 hours of our weekly planning time looking for the dog. Needless to say I gained a new appreciation for the pioneers and how much they walked each day.
During all of this walking time I truly have learned the power of singing while walking or doing whatever activity. I have gained a testimony that if we sing as we do our work, play, and things that are hard the Spirit of the Lord will be with us more strongly and we will have a stronger disposition to serve those around us. We will find great strength as we sing.
Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked.
Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked.
They washed at streams and worked and played.
Sunday they camped and read and prayed.
Week after week they sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked.

Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is true!
Sister Nay

Segue anexo a foto da Conferência de Manaus


Mais Pictures:



Hearts- May 26, 2014

Hey Family,

Yesterday I was talking with the Young Men´s president during lunch. We were talking about life after the misson, he was giving advice and stuff. We ended up getting on the topic of I was a visa waiter. I have been here for 2 months and people still are suprised that I am more than halfway done with the mission. As we were talking I made another realization. 
When we moved from Florida to Arizona I remember getting very emotional and swearing that I wouldn´t make any new friends because I knew I would just be moving again in 2 years. That stance lasted the summer and shortly after school started I met Merrilee and we have been best friend´s since. 

I realized that something similar happened here. I gave my heart and soul in PA and it ripped to shreds that day that I got my visa. I acted excited but truly I was heartbroken to leave. I never conciously made a decision to not devote all that I have to this mission. But I realized that subconciously I have been doing that in a pathetic effort to protect myself from more heartbreak. Because this time, when I leave it is more than likely that I will never go back. PA is much easier to return to, Manaus is a place that when I leave I will have to wait for the second coming to see these people again. It was hard enough to leave the first time knowing that i would come back. Allowing myself to fall in love like that again with the knowledge that I will never see them again is something that i am terrified of. 
I have made a decision to study hearts and changing hearts for the next little while so that I can learn to open my heart to this place and accept that yes I will love these people and yes I most likely will never see them again in this life. yes it will be hard to leave, harder than PA because in PA I have the promise of going back easily.
It is not that I don´t love the people, i do, I think they are great. But I realized that I put up barriers to protect from more pain. 

Love you all and thank you for all of your support!

Sister Nay

Short and Sweet- May 19, 2014

Family and Friends

I don´t have much time, but I didn´t want you guys to think that something terrible happened. 
I am doing great and we are working hard. Trials come and go but they are always meant to help us become stronger.

I am doing good. The member who lives next door to us is really sick and we have been helping her out. Sometimes I feel like the entire world is cashing down around me and I don´t know where to start cleaning up. Just keep swimming for 7 more months, just keep swimming swimming swimming! I will survive, I think. We are working hard and doing our best to support and serve the ward. Everything will be okay!
The song Mountains to Climb 

Love and miss each of you!
Sister Nay

That We Might Choose- May 12, 2014

Family and Friends!

This transfer has ended and another has begun. I have the blessed opportunity to stay in Petrópolis with my beautiful companion Sister Marinho. We have lots of work to do and the energy to do it!

This past week I have learned a lot about choice. The choice to be happy. The choice to be obedient. The choice to stay or go. The choice to follow God´s will or our own. 

The amazing thing is our Heavenly Father gave us a unique gift that no one can take away. That gift is the gift to choose. Yes there are times when we don´t get to choose our circumstances, but we can most definately choose our attitude. I don´t know if any of us fully appreciate this amazing gift of choice. We are always given countless options each day in our lives and it is up to us to choose what we think is right. 

I have been learning what an amazing gift this is, the gift to choose. This gift started with Adam and Eve when they chose to eat of the forbidden fruit. They were given the ability to choose by God and they choose. Each person on this planet has the opportunity to choose everyday. Choose good or choose evil. Choose happiness or saddness. Choose to be happy or to be sad. 

Often these choices are hard to make. The right choice is usually even harder. At times the choice to be happy is harder than the choice to be sad. The choice to endure is harder than the choice to give up. But we are given trials so that we can learn to choose. Not only that we are given trials so that we can learn to choose the right things. 

God gave us Trials that we might choose! Isn´t that so amazing. As crazy as it sounds He wants us to learn and grow in this life and the only way that will happen is if we make our own decisions based on correct prinicples. He is teaching us by guiding and giving us choices to make everyday!

I love this talk by Richard G. Scott. He includes points on choosing to be happy and at peace in this life!

Remember the Lord loves you and He gave you agency to Choose right from wrong!
Sister Nay

Into the Fire- May 5, 2014

Family and Friends!

These past few weeks have been an opportunity for me to ponder what the phrase, ´refiner´s fire´ truly means. There have been periods in my life before and even during the mission that I thought things couldn't possibly be worse than this situation or that event. But each time a new trial comes along it is just a little bit or even a lot a bit harder than the previous. 

First of all, I have learned to be truly grateful for my previous trials and the things that they taught me. There are invaluable lessons in each trail that we often cannot see until the end or even years after. The amazing thing is that each lesson that we learn with each trial is a great asset during the next trial. Each time we learn how we can better submit to the will of God. 

Second of all, I have learned that this so called ´refiner´s fire´ is truly an event to help us locate and extract our imperfections. Impure gold has to go through this refiners fire to extract its imperfections. But this isn't just any fire, it is a really hot fire, one that is hard to withstand. Likewise in our lives, our own personal refiners fire is not easy to withstand on purpose. Heavenly Father is helping us create a more pure and refined human being, one that has a greater potential. Also, these moments remind us to turn to the Lord and rely on Him because He is the only one who can help us change while in the fire. 

In the musical the Scarlett Pimpernel there is a song titled Into the Fire. A little blurb of this song has run through my mind frequently lately:

Never hold back your step for a moment 
Look alive and your courage will grow
Hold your head even higher and into the fire we go!

There will be times in each of our lives when there is nothing more to do other than take steps forward with faith, hold our heads high, and march into the fire with the hope that on the other side of that fire you will be a purer gold than before. 

I have made a resolution to be grateful during the times of refinement in my life. In the spirit of being grateful amongst my trials... I am grateful for the testimony of Suzana and Giovana. They are two 12 year old girls who have strong and pure testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Giovana chose to share her testimony with Suzana and Suzana gained a testimony of her own. Suzana chose to share her testimony with her mother and she was able to be baptized. Friday, a day of refinement for me, Suzana entered into the waters of baptism. I don´t know if I have ever felt the Spirit so strong and been so amazed by youth with such strong faith. These two young women taught me a lesson of the power of sharing your testimony. I am truly grateful for their examples in my life!
Best friends. Giovana shared the gospel and this is what happened!!!


Tereré a drink that is super good!!

 Me and my comp Sister Marinho

 Crazy tan lines and fun

My new best friend (our landlords dog) 
Part of my area
My zone (I dont know all the names cause some of them are new to me)
Yeah we pretty much climb either the stairs from south campus to main campus or hills as steep as the Y multiple times a day!

Service and lunch with a family

Me and cacau the fruit they make chocolate out of!