Monday, June 16, 2014

A Wedding and A Baptism- June 2, 2014


Seeing as you are all so eager to hear more about the wedding last week I will indulge.
It was a stressful week trying to organize a wedding and get all the proper clothing and stuff. But I finally got to see member´s of the ward helping one another and we were able to find a dress, shoes, a suit, shoes, a tie, cake, cupcakes, and a salty cake thing. Each was from a different member. It was truly a miracle. I played the piano for the wedding. Miraculously I was able to remember Pachabelle´s Cannon in D well enough that i could play it. The Holy Ghost truly brings things to our rememberance when we need them. I haven´t played that in years, but I did last week. I improved a little but I remembered the melody and the left hand! Truly a miracle of God.
The baptism was quick and powerful. I bore my testimony and I could feel the Spirit so strong that God was so proud of Lusivaldo. 
Sister Nay

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