Monday, June 16, 2014

Harry Potter is Serving a Mission?- June 16, 2014

Family and Friends!

This past week has been amazing and exciting! The World Cup has started and I have never seen so many drunks in my life! We had 2 very special baptisms this week! And as always I learned a few things or two while thinking and singing while I walked. 

The World Cup is a sight to see folks. I have never seen people so into a game like Brazilians are into soccer. The whole world stops when Brazil plays and when other teams are playing the world is on pause. Seriously the World Cup is a family event that lasts over a month! Plus anyone who is not a member spends all day drinking and all night partying! You would not believe the noise. Fireworks every goal that Brazil makes. Yelling, jumping, yelling, yelling. Did i mention yelling?

We had two very special baptisms this week, Kleberson and Darlyson. Kleberson is the boyfriend of a member and has been coming to church every week for 9 months. He has had a testimony of the Gospel of a long time now and had a desire to get baptized but was afraid that once he got baptized he would fall backwards. He lacked confidence in himself and so he dragged his feet. But we had a really good lesson with him last week and he finally decided to get baptized. The smile on his face is a priceless memory that will stay fixed in my mind forever. Darlyson is a 16 year old that has incredible faith. It was as though we weren´t teaching him at all. He was so prepared and so strong! His family didn´t really support him but he stood up for what he believes in and got baptized. He is a great kid. Both will be amazing missionaries in the years to come. They both talked about serving missions after they got baptized!

Okay so why did I put Harry Potter in the title of this weeks email? One night as I was glorying in the wonderful wind of the fan after a day of much walking in the very hot sun, I began to think. I will try to explain the thought process I had and hopefully you all will understand at least a little but of what I am trying to say. 

I was thinking about how so often we as imperfect human beings we get so caught up in how awful or amazing our past was we don´t want to set it down and pick up our present or our future but we want to dwell on what was. Then I thought how dumb that was and I compared it to reading a book series. Let´s just take Harry Potter for example, a very well loved book series. How silly would it be if we were so enthused with the first book that we never bothered to pick up 2,3,4,5,6, or 7? How much adventure are we missing in Harry Potter´s life because we got stuck in his 1st book? It is the same thing in our lives, how much are we missing because we are stuck in our past good or bad? How much are we will to miss because our first book was so awesome we don´t bother looking at the next book? Are we really willing to give up a lifetime of adventures because we had one really good or bad adventure in the beginning? Am I really going to choose to miss tomorrow´s double rainbow because yesterday´s single rainbow was really pretty? At the end of each weekly email from Presidnet Klien he writes vamos na frente or let´s move on! Yes our past was awesome or terrible. Yes at times we want to go back and relive those moments or go back and change something, but at what cost? Missing something even better today! So today I leave with you all the challenge vamos na frente, let´s move on because tomorrow will definately be a better day! Don´t miss some of life´s greatest adventures because your life was different yesterday, last week, last month, or last year. TODAY is the good day to start a new adventure, turn a new leaf, start a new book. New beginnings need not only be on January 1st, we always wake up with a new day with no mistakes in it yet!

So Harry Potter taught me a little bit about always anxiously moving forward, excited for a new adventure and not getting caught up in what was! So this week Harry Potter was serving a mission with Sister Nay!

Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is SO TRUE!!

Sister Nay
Denys and Natalia got married and Denys was baptized last week!


The font was clogged and we needed to fill the font with new water. Because the water was a week old. So we emptied with buckets and garbage cans in an hour :D

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