Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 4- MTC Email (7-16-2013)

Eu estou a missionario por A Igreja De Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Dos Ultimos Dias. I can't get the keyboard to change to portuges so there aren't any accents, sorry.
My purpose is
Convidar as pessoas a achegarem-se a Cristo, ajudadndo-as a receber o evangelho restaurado por meio da fe em Jesus Cristo e em Sua Expiacao, do arrependimento, do batismo, de se receber o dom do Espirito Santo e de perseverar ate o fim.

I loved the TRC! It was really hard because they all spoke really fast and slurred their words together. But as a companionship we made it through and were able to teach what the people needed to hear. We are so good. After that one really bad couple of days we have become super close and I love them so much. We have tried so hard to listen to eachother and respect one another. We have so much fun together, I will miss them.

Guess what? I will be a host this week for incoming missionaries!! I am so excited! I only had one 'normal' week here at the MTC, last week. This week we host and then we will be doing in-field training and getting reassignments next week.

I loved Sunday as always and my comps are so awesome. I continue to learn so much every day and am so excited to get into the field.

I should be able to notify you when I get reassinged. Josh should be getting his reassignment soon, on Thursday or Friday... Almost all of them are from back east in Georgia Pennsylvania and Florida, they have a higher chance of getting it within the next week. A member of the Brazilan gov't just visted BYU and they said that he was super impressed and made some calls to advance the proccess fro missionaries. LA is super busy as a consul so I have a long way to go plus I turned my application in late. The people who have been getting theirs are from Georgia and other places back east. I could go everywhere from Idaho to Boston to New York. Anything is game. All of the portuges missions are full because so many of us are getting reassigned, but whatever happens, happens! My sister training leaders got reassigned to idaho and pennsylvania, so whatever

Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is always true!

Sister Nay

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