Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 3- MTC Email (7-9-2013)

Bom dia familia! Tudo bem?
Eu estou muito bem! So I have so much to tell you and I don't know where to start...
Language is going great. Last tuesday we didn't really speak it though because it was p-day and we lived to regret that the next morning when we had to teach a lesson to our investigator Nathalia. We made it a goal to speak it more today (about 3 hours) than we did last week. Speaking of Nathalia, we have taught her twice this past week. If you didn't know our teachers pretend to be an investigator and we talk to them. They usually assume the identity of an investigator that they had themselves out in the feild. Starting later this week we will also have the opportunity to teach investigators at the TRC who we do not know. We will ususally only teach them one lesson to each investigator from the TRC. We were supposed to start that last week, but the 4th of July got in the way. We haven't had a "normal" week here at the MTC yet. The first week was that broadcast that was so great. Then we had the new mission presidents. Last week was the 4th of July. I wonder what will come up this week that will mess up the schedule? :)
Yesterday we had such an awesome lesson with Nathalia. I felt the Spirit so strongly when we were testifying to her. She had really good questions about the preisthood and we ended up commiting her to baptism! I have never felt the Spirit quite like that before and technically I was just teaching my teacher. I always assume and act like she is Nathalia in the lesson, but you know... If commiting people to baptism feels that joyous all the time, I hope I can do it again. I felt so excited for her and that she wanted to come closer to God through baptism! I felt so happy for her like I have never felt for anyone else, it was so cool!
We have only taught our second progressing investigator once. His name is Gabriel. He is a university student studying history. We spent most of our time getting to know him and then we left a short message with him. I feel like he will be really receptive too. I am so excited to share this gospel messsage with more people! It bring so much joy and happiness.
The 4th of July was great. I was suprised that the cafeteria was super anti-patriotic. No red white and blue food. No hotdogs or hamburgers. Nothing, I guess they were trying not to be too abnoxious for those who are not from this country. We did have a fireside though that we so great. In fact, in that fireside Mom, the speaker shared Alma 26:27 and I really liked it. We then watched 17 Miracles while the Stadium of Fire was going on. Then at like 10:30 we got to go outside and watch the fireworks until 11. It was really cool cause everyone started singing patriotic songs. I really enjoyed it. Plus they gave us all Magnum bars to eat which was really yummy.
You know how Bethany had a moose count? Well, right now I have a people count. I saw Kap from the school of music last week, he is a teacher. I saw Brittany Tire who plays the sax, she is going to Pennsylvania. I ran into Lindsay Howard from RB custodial and found out she is going to Oklahoma City. I ran into Ryan Hill and Will Ramsey from Chatham. And I ran into Brother Wight from the football stadium. He is an old guy who volunteered as an usher for the upstairs stuff. He reminds me of Mr. Fredrickson from Up:) Oh yeah and Brother Paul Gallo asked me and my comps to take pics for him and his district that he taught as they were flying today. They just walked up to us while we were studying outside.
So Sister Wright and I had a little bit of trouble last week, but it is all sorted out now. We weren't communicating really well and both of us were taking offense at everything. We talked it out and prayed and stuff and it is going better now. I pondered a lot on our problems and I came to the conclusion that she reminds me greatly of Merrilee and I was subconsiously blocking her out. I guess I was trying not to replace Merrilee. But I know now that Sister Wright can be another good friend not take the place of Merrilee.
Sunday was super awesome. We had mission conference which was great and super fun. The mission presidency spoke to us about all kinds of things. I will write more indepth about that in my letter. Then it was testimony meeting which was awesome because everyone bore their testimony in portugues. The wiggly district of only elders got up and bore their testimonies so not very many other people get to. But it was still cool. We had an evening devotional that Susan Easton Black and her new husband spoke at. It was about being bold and having a testimony so you can testify. It was super great and really uplifting. Plus the two of them are so funny! My comps and I also watch a devotional by David A. Bednar called Character of Christ. I loved it so much! It was given at the MTC so the only place you can see it is here. Man it was so great!! More in the letter.
I hope all is going well at home and that you are all having fun. Continue to send letters and be awesome! You guys are such a great support to me and I love you so much! I love hearing about Andrew's swimming and your gardens and stuff. Utah has such wonderful weather in the summer we barely are breaking 100 sometimes, mostly in the 90s.
The Lord loves you all and the Church is TRUE!!
Sister Brianna Nay

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