Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 1- Provo MTC email

Hey family!
Today is our first p-day. We just got back from the temple this morning. It was a session mostly comprised of my branch. We only have 30 min to write but we can print our stuff out, sign out, read what was sent to us, then sign back in with the remaining time and answer! I would love to get emails from you guys every tuesday and tell other people that I love hearing from back home! Also I love getting letters from you guys as much as possible! Dad I loved your note from a few days ago about the brother who wants to come back to church! That is so cool!! I would love to hear from him if he wants to write me.

Wow the days here last forever but I cant believe that I have been here almost an entire week. I have been having  a great time and learning so much! My companions, Sisters Wright and Hopkins are so great an encouraging. Sister Hopkins original companion already spoke portuges so we are a trio because she is on a 12 day program instead.Right now I am doing laundry with my comps. Right now the new mission presidents are being trained right now so we get to eat in the gym instead of the cafeteria until Thursday.

We have already taught 3 lessons in portuges and we have 2 more tomorrow. I can say prayers and my testimony in portuges as well. We are so blessed and Heavenly Father truly is with us as we learn the language. Of course everything I can say is pretty simple, but the fact that I can understand as much as I can and say as much as I can after 6 days is absolutely amazing! I am so excited to get to go to Brazil and I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to be at the Provo MTC.

I have learned that the visas coming out of the LA consulate are taking around 6 months or more whereas the ones coming out of Miami are only about 2 or 3 months. I have a feeling that I will be reassigned. They put missionaries at the bottom of the pile because we don't bring in as much money as people who are coming to the world cup and such. Also the portugese speaking reassignment missions are already full so I will probably get reassigned english speaking! I know that the Lord will send me where I need to go and the right time!!

I have also learned that Manaus is a pretty small mission in regards to how many missionaries are assigned there because, like Alaska, huge square miles small amount of people. There is one transfer there that takes 1.5 days to accomplish. Also I have learned that in Manaus missionaries not only have farmer's tan lines but also garment lines and tie lines because the sun penetrates your first layer of clothing! So crazy right!! We will have lunch fed to us instead of dinner and we will eat lots of fruit. Most of the time the responses that I get from people is that Manaus is soo hot, like the hottest mission in Brazil!

My teachers are great and so helpful. The "investigator that we have speaks really fast but each time we see him I understand more. My comps are going Juao Pessoa and their mission president is here getting trained, so we got to meet him. He doesnt speak english so when we met him it was pretty overwhelming. The elders in my district are supper awesome too!

Andrew, I am so happy for your success in swimming and that you are giving Colton a BoM! I have seen Elder Gay a couple of times and he says hi!

Thanks for all the letters and please keep sending them. I love to hear from you guys and thanks for setting up that blog. I will write more in a letter cause my time is up!

Lots of love!!!
Sister Nay

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