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The Power of Scripture- August 25, 2014

Family and Friends!

First of all sorry about last week! I had a few problems with the internet last week and ran out of time faster than normal! But I can´t believe that I am here with you guys again already! 

Yesterday at Church a member spoke about the importance of scripture study and how it is a show of gratitude for the people who sacrificed everything for us to have them. The scriptures have the power to bring personal peace in an unpeaceful world. The scriptures are the word of God and as such they can become our spiritual compass to guide our lives so that we can return to the presence of God. The scriptures invite the Spirit of God into our lives so that we can learn how to make correct decisions. The scriptures answer questions that no one has the answers to. There have been countless prophets and translators of the Bible and the Book of Mormon that gave their lives for us to have the word of God in our hands to read and ponder for ourselves. The sacrifices of men such as John Calvin and Martin Luther were for all of humankind to have the Bible in thier own language so that we didn´t have to rely on another´s interpretation, but that we can grow spiritually on a personal level. The sacrifice of Joseph Smith was that of translating the Book of Mormon as another testament of Jesus Christ, proving that he was indeed a prophet of God and that God still speaks to us. I put my testimony alongside these honorable men of God, that these books are truly the word of God. The Bible teaches us of the people of the old world and their testimonies of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon teaches us of the people of ancient America and their testimonies of Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and we can learn through these sacred books of scripture His true character. I testify that the Bible and the Book of Mormon testify of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that together they bear witness that Jesus Christ is our Savior and our Resurrected Lord! We have the opportunity in this day and age to make decisions for ourselves becasue we all have been given rights and liberties. If you have not read the Book of Mormon for yourself to find out for yourself if it is the word of God, what is stopping you? You have the right to know and the only way that you can know for yourself is reading yourself and praying in the name of Jesus Christ yourself it is truly a Book testifying of Him. You can know for yourself and not because I said that it was true and not because someone else said it is not true. The only Being we need to believe is God so study and ask Him yourself. Becasue with these two books of scriptures we can know for ourselves the truth of all things and the fulness of the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is True!

Sister Nay

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