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The Lost Sheep- November 24, 2014

Family and Friends!

I am so excited to share my experiences with you this week!  This week has been full of tender mercies and miracles and I would like to share with you one of them!

On October 16 my companion and I were making our way to an appointment when  my companion saw a random cowboy walking down the street slowly looking up at the sky. She turned to me and said, ´´ Do you think he is a drunk cowboy?´´ I responded, ´´ No he is a lost cowboy!´´ We ended up stopping and talking with him. We had the opportunity to teach a little bit but sadly lost contact with him. 
Suprisingly one day he called us out of the blue and wanted to meet up again and recieve more of the lessons. We challenged him to stop smoking and drinking and start reading the scriptures. This week my companion and I have had the opportunity to see miracles in this young cowboy´s life. He reads the scriptures everyday, he has stopped drinking, and the amount of cigarettes that he smokes has significantly dropped. Miracles happen daily through faith in God and Jesus Christ!

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Today I studied the parable of the lost sheep and the Hymn Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd. Which reminded me of our young Cowboy. Then I remembered that afternoon that we met him, he was not a drunk cowboy but a lost cowboy, the lost sheep. 

Remember the Lord never forgets you and the Church is True!!
Sister Nay
Dear to the heart of the Shepherd,
Dear are the sheep of his fold;
Dear is the love that he give them,
Dearer than silver or gold.
Dear to the heart of the Shepherd,
Dear are his "other lost sheep;
Over the mountains he follows,
Over the waters so deep.

Dear to the heart of the Shepherd,
Dear are the lambs of his fold;
Some from the pastures are staying,
Hungry and helpless and cold.
See, the Good Shepherd is seeking,
Seeking the lambs that are lost,
Bringing them in with rejoicing,
Save at such infinite cost.
Dear to the heart of the Shepherd.
Dear are the "ninety and nine";
Dear are the sheep that have wandered
Out in the desert to pine.
Hark! he is earnestly calling,
Tenderly pleading today:
"Will you not seek for my lost ones,
off from my shelter astray?"

Green are the pastures inviting;
Sweet are the waters and still.
Lord, we will answer thee gladly,
"Yes, blessed Master, we will!
Make us they true under-shepherds;
Give us a love that is deep.
Send us out into the desert,
Seeking thy wandering sheep."
Out in the desert they wander,
Hungry and helpless and cold;
Off to the rescue he hastens,
Bringing them back to the fold. 

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