Monday, December 8, 2014

The Power of the Holy Ghost!- October 13, 2014

Family and Friends!

Another week has come and gone! Each is full of learning experiences and wonderful miracles!
This week I have had the oportunity to learn a little bit more about the power of the Holy Ghost and the influence that He has in our lives! It is the Holy Ghost that touches our hearts, inspires us to do good, and be happy. I have seen this past week that it is through the Holy Ghost that miracles are made. If we follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost miracles can happen through your influence. A hardened heart can be softened. A worried mother can feel comfort. A testimony can be gained. New friends can be made and lives can be changed all through following the promptings of the Holy Ghost. He speaks to us ever so queitly that it is often hard to tell if it is just a stray idea or the Holy Ghost inspiring us to do something, but if it entices to do good it is of God! This week I encourage you all to pay attention to the little thoughts and feeling and act upon them and miracles will happen!
Remember the Lord loves each of you and the Church is TRUE!!
Love Always
Sister Nay

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