Monday, December 8, 2014

Here am I, Send Me- September 15, 2014

Family and Friends!

It is the beginning of another beautiful and sunny week! I am headed off to Acre (maybe to finish off my mission there!) This past transfer has been full of ups and downs but every moment was worth it because something was learned! 

This past week a song from I don´t know where was stuck in my head. Seeing as it has been a little while since I have heard music let alone music in English I can only remember a small portion. But is says the following: 
Here am I, send me
I will go where ever you need
I will let my light shine
And the glory be thine

It got me to thinking how willing am I to go where the Lord needs me and do what I need to do but let all the glory be the Lord´s. So often in this world we want something in return for our services: recognition, payment, a pat on the back, position, ect. But in the work of the Lord we all promised to go and do but let the glory be of the Father. We work for the glory of our Father in Heaven not for our own personal glory nor the glory of the world. We should be willing to go and do anything that the Lord commands and love it. It is our choice to be happy! It is our choice to be humble! It is our choice to be diligent! Like Joshua of old we can choose this day to serve and glorify the Lord through our actions, thoughts, and words! Joshua 24:15

Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is True!

Sister Nay

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