Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy- August 11, 2014

Family and Friends!

My time is short today, I only have 10 minutes left! But I would like to share with you all the power of being happy. Happiness is contagious and we can all inspire someone else to be happy. Wednesday was a day that was full of a series of ridiculous things. Lots of appointments fell through. My comp. fell and skinned her knee. We lost the keys to our house. And other things. But we were both able to stay happy and laugh through out the day. At the end of the night we talked about how even though almost everything went wrong that day it was still great because we could laugh about it. Being happy has the power to change your perspective. There were moments when Sister Chucos was happier than I was and she helped me stay happy and others moments that I helped her.

This is the Happy Medley from the Pioneer Day concert! Stay happy!
Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is True!

Sister Nay

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