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Second Area Week 20- Three Kings Found the Lord (12-23-2013)

Merry Christmas Family and Friends! 
So for those of you who don't know about my family's Christmas tradition of going to the Forgotten Carols, this song is my favorite from it!
Somewhere beneath the glitter
That comes this time of winter
In many souls there is a cry
They may not clearly say it
But in their hearts they pray it
And you can see it in their eyes
I cannot find my way
I cannot find my way
I cannot find my way at all
There are so many voices
So many different choices
I cannot find my way at all.
As a missionary I have never been so aware of those many souls who are trying to find their way in this dark world. Sister Cohen, Sister Manwill, and I have spent some time reflecting on the miracles of the last transfer and a half together (mostly because Sister Cohen is going home on Friday). We have seen so many come back to the fold as we have tackled less-active work. Yesterday it was our own little Christmas miracle to see so many that we have been working with come to chruch. We also had the opportunity to watch as some of them as they took the next step to stay longer than sacrament meeting,which they had never done before!
You truly can see it in the eyes of those who are seeking for a light in the darkness. I have also gotten to see how the light begins to radiate in their eyes as they find it! My favorite is Thomisina. Thomisina has been struggling for a long time now to come back to the light. Saturday we had the opportunity to see the light come on for her. We could see in her eyes that she couldn't find her way, but as she read the scriptures that light began to radiate through her eyes! She was actually excited and almost giddy. Thomisina came to church the next day with the light still gleaming in her eyes!
There were three kings
Who followed the star of Bethlehem
They came from afar
To praise and honor him
The light which beckoned them
To seek the Lord of men
It calls to you,
It calls to me
We cannot find our way
We cannot find our way
We cannot find our way at all
There are so many choices
So many different voices
We cannot findour way at all.
Each of us have times in our lives where we have to search for the Lord in our lives. Sometimes we may be far away from the light and other times it only grew a little dim in our hearts. But, we will always have that star to light our own way back to Him. Aja is the hot topic of most of my conversations now. She is a bright young woman who found the Gospel in June, but she has had an onslaught of trials that have pushed her faith to the limit. We have watched as she has struggled and struggled. While she is not out of the dark yet, so to speak, we know that she knows what she needs to do. She can see the star (prayer, reading scriptures, going to Church) and she knows that she must follow it to get back to where she wants to be.
We're not alone
We have a star that shines today.
The love He gave Teaches how
And shows the way
That light, it's clear to see
If we have faith and believe
Three kings found the Lord
And so can we
Lord, help us find our way
We need to find our way
Lord, help us find our way back home
Three Kings found the Lord
And so can we!
Gretchen is one of my favorites! She has come so far. Her life has been darker than most and her struggles have been deeper than many. But we can see that slowly she is accepting the Lord's love back into her heart. Saturday afternoon we decided that we needed to drop by and see her. When we got there her son was over at someone else's house so she could wrap his Christmas presents. Naturally we offered to help while we talked. That was the best hour of my life, we had so much fun! In the end our conversation turned toward the Savior and the Book of Mormon. She wants to teach her son about the truths that she has learned from the Gospel. I know that Gretchen is not alone on her journey back to finding peace and forgiveness, Christ is standing at her side waiting patiently for her. He is showing her the way back to Him weather she knows it or not.
And if you've lost your way
That light burns bright today
And it will shine eternally
Three kings found the Lord
And so can we!
In the Christmas season, ponder how you can find the Savior as the three kings did. We all can have Him more fully in our lives regardless of our calling, religion, or age. This week as you read the Christmas story from Luke, open presents, and spend time with your family remember WHO this is all about and HOW you can accept Him more completely in your own life! The light of His love will always shine on for us to see and follow, choose to follow it!
Remember the Lord loves you and the Church is True!
Sister Nay
You know you are serving a mission in Pennsylvania when...
You drive up to a less active's home and you see the woman you where there to visit yelling at her sons about something, but you didn't recognize that it was her as you approached the house. So you quietly walk past the situation, trying not to be awkward. Then you and your companions realize that it was her and you wait awkwardly in the yard. You finally figure out the reason why you don't recognize her is because she got dentures and looks way different with teeth at the ripe old age of 50! You continue to walk to the front door, but notice a deer leg just hanging out on the ground. As you walk into the house, their pug is chowing down on a piece of fresh, bloody meat on the couch that you sit on. So you make your way to the couch and force yourself to sit in the nastiness hoping that it doesn't get on your skirt. Then her husband walks in the room weilding a knife, saying ' We are butchering a deer, do you want some?' Then he startes to go on about how cool this special knife is. You teach your lesson and then as you walk out you go see the deer. In the kitchen there is not just deer meat, but an entire deer carcas sitting on the kitchen table. Only in Pennsylvania folks!
I thought I would share a little bit of our adventures in Washington, PA!
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