Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brazil MTC- Brasil (3-5-2014)

Hello Friends and Family
MTC is crazy we are the first group so everybody is watching us like hawks. Plus they send videos of us teaching to the brethern, no pressure! The language is hard but coming faster that I thought. I am ok. Just like I thought I am in a trio. 8 adn 9 comps!!!! By the end of the transfer I will have had 11 comps in 9 months.
If you think driving in PA is crazy think again! People in sao paulo drive like mad men, it is scary. the roads are super narrow and they ride each other's tails like nobody's bussiness. Whooo!

Went to the temple it was so great!!!!!!  I love it. Warm raining and the people are so sweet. 
We got to go to the temple today! Holy cow. It was exactly what I needed. I have been struggling with learning the language especially becasue the reast of my MTC district seem to have caught on better. But I know that Heavenly Father loves me and I am glad to be here. Next week I leave for the field again. I am in a trio so that makes comps 8 adn 9! I know Sister Kunkel from the first MTC experience adn Sister Shipp is just great. WE are the first distrcit ever to go back to the MTC after time in the field so we are the THING to be. All the teachers talk to us all the time. They send videos of us teaching to the brethren and pics of us doing everything under the sun. It is kinda funny. 
All the teachers are Brazilian so you either speak portuguese or go without. It was hard at first but I know that this is exactly where teh Lord wants me to be! I will be leaving for the field again next week. It is warm and humid, but I am totally loving it. One of my compaions was with me in the MTC the first time so that was fun. Yeah I am in a trio again. Sister Kunkel whom I know and Sister Shipp. All of us have been out for at least 8 months. There are some missionaries in our group that  have been out for over a year! but we finally made it to Brazil. The drivers are so crazy i am so glad that I don't have to drive but that we ride the buses!
Sorry with such little time I have been copying and pasting so I know that there are some of the same things!
I have been having a hard time because the over achiever in me doesn't like to be mediocre at something. Portuguese is hard! Plus I didn't really get to study for 4 months. I think the hardest thing is that i know what it is like to know what you are doing and how to do it. I know what it is like to be a great missionary and with the language barrier I just can't do everything that I could before and that realy frustrates me. But President Swenson has been super helpful and my profs are super awesome and so are my comps. Also we went to the Campinas temple and it was exactly what I needed that new video is awesome and the Spirit was so strong. Plus i learned so many new things! Can you believe taht I have been endowed for over a yaer now? Crazy right! Taht was exactly what i needed today.
The traveling here was fine. I slept okay. I was able to talk to the people sitting next to me on both flights. Elder Lowe and i actually taught the guy sitting inbetween us the plan of salvation together. We gave him a card to get a BOM. He was from Uruguy and mennonite.
Sister Nay

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