Monday, November 18, 2013

Leaving Ohio (10-21-2013)

Love you all (yinz) 

Brother and Sister Michelli, Austin their grandson, and me

Me adn Heather Stillwell, one of my most favorite less actives that we work with. She is a little less accountable and has wild health issues but the sweetest and biggest heart I have ever seen! I will sorely miss her!

My lovely little District
Elder Almond, Sister Valikoula, Sister Roberts, Me, Elder Glover

The nursing home we volunteer at! Love these people so much!!!!

The ladies that I love so much!
More of the ladies that I love so much!

The Boles

The Crosby's


The biggest sweethearts ever!

(insert picture here)
Lots of love need lots of love given to us! They are the best!

The Underwoods 
(insert picture here)
By the way Hazel said to tell you mom, that you raised a good girl.
Sandy the activities director at the Beacon House
The Vanstones...
My surrogate family! I have never laughed or cried so much with people other than you guys! "There is a timeless place for them in my heart. How I could love them this much, I don't know. I know that I knew them before..."
See the Nashville Tribute Band's CD Trek, I took a little creative license.

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