Monday, July 21, 2014

What is More Important?- July 21, 2014

Family and Friends!

This week has been full of ups and downs. But most importantly it has been full of miracles and learning experiences.
Something that I learned with my companion this week is setting priorities. How is it that time seems to pass by so quickly and we haven´t accomplished half of what we needed to?

All of us in the world have a lot of things to do each day, each hour , and each minute. But are we putting what is most important first or are we putting what is eaiser first. For example, it is easy and entertaining to watch a movie, but is that really the most important. Or could we use a portion of that time reading, studying, and pondering the words of Christ through the scriptures?

My companion and I were looking for a house on a street that we had never heard of. We walked for 2 hours around the city, asking taxi drivers and locals if they knew where the address was, to no avail.  Are we going to spend hours looking for one address when no one know where it is and are we going to talk to as many people we can and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ? What is most important? The One. Jesus Christ taught us the importance of the one in His parable of the lost sheep. Each one of us is the ONE that He would go after. We have countless opportunities each day to go after the one!

In our lives we have so many things bombarding us and demanding our attention. May I add my testimony to those of modern day prophets and apostles that we need to remember what comes first! We need to put family, scripture study, family and person prayer, and attending church at the front of everything we do. If we put God first in everything that we do, I know that God will help put everything else into place. The house will be clean, the homework will get done, the bills will be paid, and we will even have a little bit of time for some fun. But that is only if we put God first.

I know that when we evaluate how we spend our time and adjust to give God a portion of our time first, in our FAMILIES not just alone, everything else will fall into place. Remember what is most important!

Remember the Lord loves you and the Chirst is TRUE!!!

Sister Nay

This is the best! Made my day! 

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